Let’s Stand Strong

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Let’s Stand Strong

Humans used to live in cultures that understood the agreement of reciprocity; we must give back in equal measure to what we take. This agreement applied not only to our human relationships but to our relationship with the Earth as well. When did we move away from our sacred way of respecting not only the gifts but also the giver? The culture in which we live today sees the Earth as a never-ending pool of resources we can take advantage of. We no longer care to reciprocate the gifts we receive from the Earth, but instead, we invest our time and energy into figuring out ways to take more than what we’ve been given, more than we need. We like to think Earth belongs to us but we forget we are merely a grain of sand in the timeline of the existence of the Earth and the universe.

I believe Earth asks for gratitude, respect, and reciprocity from us. I think each individual on this Earth treats others and their surroundings based on their morals and their upbringing. If from an early age you’re taught how to be respectful, grateful, caring and responsible, it is more likely you will develop healthier long lasting relationships throughout your life. We are used to taking things for granted, it seems as if we believe somehow the Earth will always sustain us, just like we feel our parents will always be there to support us. But when the day comes that our parents are no longer be here, will we have regrets? Will we wish we’d done things differently? Or, will we feel fulfilled and grateful for having the opportunity to be part of their life and for them being part of ours, will we feel like we completed each other’s lives and grew alongside each other?

It is a common thing to be selfish, I see it all around me, and I see it in myself. Ever since we were toddlers our education systems teach us how to compete, how to individually strive, they teach us to love the feeling of “winning”,  of being “better” and “superior” than others. It is important to remind ourselves we are merely a thread woven into the net of life. What’s the point of living a life that only fulfills you, disregarding completely everything and everyone around you? Humans need love, we need some sort of support system, someone or something to catch us in case we fall.

If you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing and it is the people and the environment around you that make you feel this way. I personally am very attached to the place I was born, just the thought of it gives me a sense of belonging and security. I’ve seen it be mistreated and disrespected, and as badly as I want to save it I can’t do it by myself. It deeply hurts me to see the mountains and fields I used to spend every day playing in being torn down, used as landfill, being seen as a resource pool and nothing more. This was my safe place, somewhere I could hide from reality and let my imagination guide me through the trees, the fields, the flowers, the rivers, and the grass. The wildlife I was able to admire showed me the strength it takes to survive. I was amazed by how persistent, wise and caring mothers are in nature and how strong and adaptable newborns are. Today, if I can make it past the “Private Property” signs that have been imposed on land that used to belong to itself and everyone who cared for it, I am no longer able to just appreciate what is left of nature and wildlife. I am unable to ignore the things that are happening around me, I am unable to accept the course of life humans have stated for this place.  I must protect it, just like it protected me. I can no longer wait for someone else to act on behalf of the rest of us who see and disagree with how we treat the Planet, and neither should you. I think that’s the least we can do, take action. Alone we might not make a difference but together we can change the path we’ve created, we can change what’s supposed to be the end of the book into the falling action and the dénouement. It is up to us, all of us. Will we settle and follow the herd, or will we rise like the sun after a storm?

Looking up I see the future in front of me, I see the past but I don’t look back. Right here right now, that’s exactly where I’m meant to be. We live, we learn, we grow, we have to fall in order to rise. Truth be told lessons learned the hard way open up our eyes. Let’s wake up,  let’s set our intentions in order to change. Tomorrow is a new day for all of us, brand new moon, brand new sun. Let’s follow the direction of the birds, let’s follow the sun, let’s follow the direction of love and reciprocity.

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