Lucía Oliva Hennelly 

Lucía Oliva Hennelly 

Climate Strategist – Grassroots Power Project

Lucía Oliva Hennelly is passionate about cultivating authentic, resilient collaborations that enable us to meet the demands the ecological crisis places on us individually and collectively. Originally from Santa Fe, NM, Lucía currently works as a climate strategist for Grassroots Power Project building on fifteen years as an activist, trainer, and facilitator for electoral, immigration, and climate-justice campaigns. Lucía is a certified Integral Facilitator and holds a Master of Science in interdisciplinary environmental science and policy from Stanford University. She now lives in the Catskill mountains with her partner and puppy, a short drive from Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji, a Rinzai Zen training monastery where she practices.

Contributions to Humans and Nature Press:

• Let It Be Complicated: A conversation with Lucía Oliva Hennelly
A new response to “How do we come together in a changing world?”

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Photo credit: Aubry Startin

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