Mankind and Nature Intertwined

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Mankind and Nature Intertwined

Nature built herself over billions of years through four distinct phases or levels—inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human.

The inanimate level is still and its state is to maintain its form, to avoid being pierced or shattered. It is the foundation for the succeeding levels. The next level, vegetative, has more life, but stands in place, so to speak. Plants grow in width and length, but no plant may go against the general cycles of life of all plants. The vegetative draws its resources from the inanimate. Into this rich and fertile environment, the animate level appeared. Each species is unique, yet all share common beastly instincts, can move from place to place, and depend on the still and vegetative. And then, after nature had prepared a place for mankind, the human level made its appearance. We are, of course, part beast, but on top of that we possess an emotional force and an intellectual force that work together, we feel ourselves and are aware of our existence, remember the past and use what we have learned to make choices for our futures. Without the resources of the first three levels, we could not survive.

Why is this important to know?

It is to understand that we are inextricably fixed within Nature. Our bodies and souls cycle along with her. Birth, life, and death. Ingestion, digestion, excretion. Light and dark. Tranquility and turmoil. Inhaling and exhaling. Receiving and giving. As intimate partners with her, and dependent on her abundance, we are also operated by her laws. We cannot separate ourselves from her.
There are certain laws of physics that we have no choice but to obey—for example gravity and electromagnetism. These are easily observable principles and they govern much of our physical existence.
We are also subject to more subtle laws. The very nature of Nature, so to speak, is that it is interdependent, altruistic, balanced, unified, interconnected, harmonious. Like the laws of physics, these laws are forces or energies that bind us just as severely as do the physical laws. The difference is that we, as humans, may choose to be accountable to them or not.
When mankind does not hold itself in alignment with these forces, we begin to experience the law of cause and consequence—poisoned air and water; disappearing species; dying oceans. The major systems that create the structure of our lives are disintegrating—education, healthcare, politics, the economy, infrastructure, international relations. And as these institutions collapse, so does the civility and respectful discourse among us.

Correcting Our Relationship with the Rest of Nature

Humankind possesses an attribute found nowhere else in nature called ego—a force within us that demands we seek out the means to satisfy all our desires. On the one hand, ego has been the driver of individual and collective advancement throughout the history of mankind. On the other, it has become greedy, giving us permission to harm and exploit others for self-benefit.

Nature is actually showing us the solution for our broken world. In the wake of disaster, there is a coming together in thought and action. Empathy for those who are suffering manifests in an outpouring of aid. We approach an emulation of the template nature has provided. It is felt by her as a shift in human consciousness.

The ongoing Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University has placed random number generators in about seventy host sites around the world. Their hypothesis was that “there will be structure in what should be random data, associated with major global events that engage our minds and hearts.”  

Data collected for the past fifteen years have shown that their hypothesis is correct. When major world events occur, the consciousness of millions—maybe billions—of people is focused on that event and its consequences, and structured data is received.

This is powerful information that correlates with the immutable energies that are the laws of nature. Acting within the framework of nature’s laws registers within the field of the collective unconscious. Mother Nature approves, so to speak. And, in my mind, it suggests that if mankind is able to transform greed, attitudes of dominance, and the preference for war over peace to solve problems into cooperation, collaboration, and a genuine sense of loving and caring for one another, the changes on our planet would be magnificent.  

It’s a tall order, isn’t it?

Doing It Together
Another interesting study is pertinent here. Scientists of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, used computational and analytical methods to discover the tipping point where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion. Their findings, published in 2011, are that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of that society. It’s called the tipping point. Imagine!

So… if what I’ve written makes sense and you are amenable to effect changes within yourself, I have some thoughts about reaching this tipping point. Given the plasticity of the field of consciousness, shown by the above examples and multiple other scientific inquiries, there is no reason to think that our individual thoughts and actions have no effect.  

Consider this.  

It is in the space between feeling a desire within us, and the execution of the action to scratch that itch, that we humans decide how we will direct our actions, what will be our choice. In as little as a mere second we can determine the trajectory of our deeds and the predictable response out of the law of cause and effect. 

But before acting, there is an important scrutiny. Where is ego pushing me? Am I so self-absorbed that I am willing to harm or exploit others to satisfy my own egoistic desires? Or am I able to figure out a way to satisfy myself and at the same time guard the integrity of the laws of nature, thus supporting the common good? Thus an intention is formed. Based on my conclusion about the probable effects of my pending action, do I complete the action? We can answer yes or no, regardless of what we have concluded about its impact on nature, and this answer will send out ripples that will shift the form of the field of consciousness. One way or the other.  

This kind of thinking is already occurring in the form of increasing efforts among the people of the world to solve problems through cooperation and collaboration. The method above is not easy, but I try to do it because I want to join others in reaching a tipping point. And I have nothing to lose. 

Sometimes when life starts to batter me, I walk on the hiking trails in the foothills near me. I activate my senses. I see the aspens, hear the bird song, smell the sage, feel the breeze, and taste the beauty and serenity of the nature surrounding me. I feel myself as part of her and as held and loved by her. Then I am again centered, immersed in the atmosphere of nature, and ready to flow with her.

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