Margo Farnsworth

Margo Farnsworth

Speaker, Writer, and Consultant

Margo Farnsworth is a speaker, writer, and consultant in strategic sustainability development for organizations and businesses, and is a fellow at the Biomimicry Institute. 

Farnsworth has worked as a park ranger, science teacher, and mammalogist. With degrees in science education and parks administration, her professional accomplishments include research in environmental education, qualitative mammal studies, and involvement in numerous local and state environmental boards and committees. She has been recognized with the River Network National River Hero award, the State Resource Management Award of Excellence, and the “Friend of Fisheries” award. She was also the Tennessee State Environmental Educator of the Year and received the Freeman Tilden Award for Outstanding Interpretation. Farnsworth has written pieces for the Center for Humans and Nature as well as Treehugger, and has two biomimicry book projects pending.

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