Matthew Wills

Matthew Wills

Naturalist and Blogger

My name is Matthew Wills. I’m a Brooklyn resident who, in growing older, has returned to nature. In Brooklyn? Yes, as a matter of fact, in Brooklyn, NY, where, you may be surprised to learn, a great host of life-forms are to be found. I explore the life I discover in what I call the Back 40, a small patch of concrete out back, as well as the wider range of Brooklyn and the rest of NYC, and places beyond. I am an amateur naturalist, with a stress on the amateur. I started bird watching in Prospect Park about a decade ago, a story I write about here and was interviewed about here by artist extraordinaire Zina Saunders. From there I branched out into trees, mushrooms, arthropods, etc., whatever catches my eye and awakens my curiosity.


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