Michael Menser

Michael Menser

Assistant Professor - Brooklyn College

Michael Menser is a tenured Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies at Brooklyn College, board member of the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities, and member of the doctoral faculty at the CUNY Graduate Center in Earth and Environmental Science and Environmental Psychology. 

He is also the co-founder and President of the Board of the Participatory Budgeting (PB) Project. PB is a process in which part of a public budget is turned over to those who are most impacted by that budget. Over the last three years, the Participatory Budgeting Project has worked with community organizations and elected officials to bring PB to four cities in the United States. Menser is completing a book on PB and other participatory democratic programs that have been undertaken by governments, businesses, and communities. In particular, he is interested in democratic theories and practices that focus on ecological and social justice in urban regions and food systems.

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