Mick Smith

Mick Smith

Associate Professor - Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

Mick Smith is associate professor and Queen’s National Scholar in the Department of Philosophy and School of Environmental Studies at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.

He is the author/editor of six books including An Ethics of Place: Radical Ecology, Postmodernity, and Social Theory (SUNY, 2001) Against Ecological Sovereignty: Ethics, Biopolitics, and Saving the Natural World (University of Minnesota, 2011) and Emotion, Place and Culture (Ashgate, 2009, edited with Joyce Davidson, Laura Cameron and Liz Bondi). He has published in journals including Environmental Ethics, Environmental Values, Hypatia, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, and Ethics, Place and Environment, and is editor of the journal Emotion, Space and Society. His current research interests revolve around developing posthumanist conceptions of ecological communities.

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