Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to explore and promote human responsibilities in relation to nature — the whole community of life.

We Believe

All systems are impermanent; we can reimagine systems and live into other ways of knowing and being.

There is an urgent need for just and transformative cultural change.

The loss of biological diversity and the degradation of soil, water, and air quality are fundamental spiritual, ecological, economic, and social losses. Extinction is a bottom line event that we should not knowingly cause.

Human beings are capable of the imagination and empathy that the work of healing and reconnection requires.

Rights are not reserved only for human beings, and human rights are connected with responsibilities—to all people, generations, species, ecological systems, and natural processes.

Insights from contemporary evolutionary science and traditional ecological knowledge allow us to overcome a fragmented vision of reality. They help us understand kinship, community, relationship, and interconnectedness.

We Value

Nature’s diversity, beauty, and inherent creativity

In every decision we make, we aspire to collaborate with the Earth's capacity to nurture life and sustain its generative processes.

Compassionate spirit and humility

We cultivate empathy and humility in the face of complexity.

Community, interdependence, and connection

We nurture the intrinsic link between freedom and responsibility for individuals and communities.

Integrity, health, and resilience of our interconnected human and natural communities

We value the needs of multiple generations—for all species.

Creative approaches to restoring and honoring our landscapes

We draw upon multidisciplinary and multicultural approaches to reveal ways of knowing and being in relationship with the world.

An engaged, informed citizenry carries out deliberative democracy

We stand for justice and equity in all systems and relationships.

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