“Mother Nature Knows Best”

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It’s easy when I’m running to get lost among the sound
Legs pumping, breath huffing
Feet rhythmically pound the ground

It’s easy to be hypnotized by gravel down below
Spraying rocks across the trail
Down to where the river flows

It’s easy for my thoughts to consume my waking mind
As I think of what to do
Or reflect on humankind

It’s easy to forget about what’s going on around me
Head down and dreaming far away
Carefree, momentarily

Rhythm stutters
Bubble bursts
Reality floods everything 

Chipmunks dance and branches sway
River gurgling while children play
The clouds fly low in mottled gray
And the sun shines shyly at the dusk of day

Look closer and perhaps you’ll see
The poorly hidden gravity
Masks on children’s faces
Worry in their parents’ eyes
6-foot distance kept between each and every passerby 

Each one within their bubble as they swim amongst their thoughts
Wondering what’s happened and what “gifts” the present’s brought… 

Two weeks more of isolation?
More mandates by the state?
Quarantine for the whole nation
As the summer lays in waste?
Mutation on mutation?
An endless tide of death?
Uncertainty yet certain this could be our final test 

It’s nature that allows us to live, love and survive
And it’s nature that destroys us
And it’s nature that provides
Yet with greed feeding our actions
It’s nature who deprives

It’s easiest to blame her
Claim the virus as our killer
But our own response is tainted
Though we place it on a pillar 

A pillar crushing anyone too weak to climb on top
A pillar built upon the spines of those who plant our crops
A pillar dripping alcohol in wounds oozing with desperation
As we hoard and keep and save ourselves
With unearned indignation
Entitled and indifferent
We forget we are a nation

A nation… united?
Under God?
With liberty?
And justice?
For all?

These days it seems division defines us through and through
Liberty and justice exist for just a few

Money-hungry and obsessed
We take without regard
Too concerned with filling pockets
And swiping black bank cards
To worry about people who are struggling and scarred 

But we have what we want
So who’s to say we should reform?
Lounging in luxury’s lap
It’s all too easy to ignore

Ignore our fellow humans as they pray above for help
Ignore them though we could be doing so much more to help
Deny them our assistance though it’d be simple to help
Deny them their existence though sometimes we all need help
Deny them their existence
Sometimes we all need help

Deny them their existence

For now, I’ll just keep running
In circles, I suppose
Because though everything is changing
We are happy to oppose

Embrace the new beginnings
It’s time to start afresh
Prosperity can persevere…
Nature, she knows best.

  • Julia Dinmore

    Julia Dinmore is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University, studying Biology and Society and Spanish. Hailing from the Sourland Mountain Region of New Jersey, she enjoys bike riding, playing tennis, reading, and writing. She hopes to use writing in her future career as a vessel for positive and productive change.

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