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I’m a normal white woman, who has spent a lifetime observing other cultures. Part of me has felt lonely because of the almost-alienation I felt for my people. As a child I had virtually no one in which to confide because when I did, I always got a lecture on how to improve my behavior. No one was especially cruel to me and for that I am truly thankful, but a “Lonely Only” finds it hard to find all friends in books. That was until I had the great good fortune to find a friend who introduced me to the Indian nations. I found the sweetness of their vision compelling, and I was curious to know more.

So I went, as always, to my friends who write books. There I found a philosophy and a way of living in the world that made me happy. To make a long story short, I endeavored to place my feet on the Beauty Path and with many twists and turns,  I found my way to a very loving man who happened to have a neglected garden. It has been a hobby, an obsession, my greatest pleasure to be allowed to plant and scratch around in the good dirt. I try to encourage such friends as I have to grow things, get outside, listen to the trees blowing in the trees, breathe and adore the beauty of this planet, our sacred Earth. Birds talk, and Nature instructs me how to do many things. A great artist and friend told me this: if you notice nature, nature notices you back with advice and aspiration.

I am a happy woman, finally. I learned one thing for sure, if you are brokenhearted you can find much peace and, dare I say, happiness, in figuring out ways, in my own behavior, to leave behind an ancestor who loved a few people well and an Earth well cared for.


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