Natural Mindfulness

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Some of my earliest memories are of being outdoors playing in the natural world. I’ve never felt vulnerable or afraid in the wilderness. For me, being lost in the woods or immersed in Nature feels very natural. In Nature, I feel I am home.

Throughout my life Nature has been my sanctuary. When events and challenges have been almost too much to bare, I felt an instinctive urge to escape into nature. I noticed the most stressful times in my life were when I had unconsciously, become disconnected from nature and my own true nature. Being apart from nature physically, mentally and spiritually harmed me. Trying to adapt to a world of manufactured mindlessness when I am a natural being caused the destruction of both my inner and outer worlds. I returned to Nature in 2001 immersing myself in the beautiful English Lake District National Park. There I discovered, healed and reconnected with my true nature. I called my renewed connection with nature and my true nature, Natural Mindfulness. A state of beingthat for me, has become the antidote to a world of manufactured & manipulated mindlessness.

At the time of discovering this article, I am very aware of a growing interest in Nature Connection and our own well-being. There is an undercurrent of a rapidly growing, worldwide movement. A longing for renewed Nature Connection is awakening in many of us. People from all over the world are simultaneously emerging and creating ways to help humanity reconnect with Nature. We all believe our true nature is to be the guardian of this beautiful blue planet. Passionate, wise people who are instinctively and intuitively driven to build nurturing communities and sustainable ways to live in the world. Nature Therapy, Forest Therapy, Shinrin-yoku, Forest Bathing, Ecotherapy, Rewilding and Natural Mindfulness are just a few of the many ways people are being encouraged to form a new relationship with the natural world. Science is also helping to confirm what generations of humans have sensed for thousands of years; that forests and natural landscapes heal us. I am part of a global movement of Forest Friends that includes scientists, authors, medical practitioners and Nature practitioners who all share my passion. We believe humanity is at the dawn of a large-scale re-connection with Nature, which can transcend previous environmental movements and reshape our world. This undercurrent is gaining momentum and influencing every element of our lives.

Thank you so much for creating this important platform and accelerating this conscious evolution. 

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