Nature Adjacent

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Different from nature
An altered creature
No longer running on instinct
Gaining the ability to deep think

Staying inside to play my game
Not exploring outside as if my leg were lame
Recognize the problem by its name
In spite, not doing anything
Like I were held by a chain

Our modern temptations
Ruin wild creations
Despite the ability to reflect
We’ll seemingly continue to deflect
The effects of our actions
It’s all detractions
Nature continues to suffer
It’ll only grow tougher
We’re a part of the world
Shouldn’t be villains, mustaches twirled
Nature will be destroyed
When we treat the Earth like a la carte
When we see ourselves as apart

Humans are nature adjacent. We have become something different than nature itself. We have the ability to be sentient, whereas the rest of nature operates only on instinct. The ant doesn’t think about its gathering of leaves. It merely runs along upon its course doing its tasks for the sake of its hill. The tiger hunts on instinct, the elks flees upon its own instincts. Humans have the ability of higher level thinking. We can actively, deeply think about our actions and can operate in spite of our instincts. My instinct may be to flee a stressful scenario, but I can stay and work through it. We are still a part of nature however, even if we are different from the rest of it. We still need to eat, drink, sleep, and many other things. Humans rely on nature for our food and still affect and change it, just it affects and can change us. As we can change nature, we need to be cognizant of our effects upon it. Our actions, the path we are taking as a species, the way we treat nature is disastrous. We have seemingly been unaware that we are destroying nature because we don’t see that we are still connected despite no longer living in it every day. Or, we refuse to deal with the problem if we are aware of it. As we see ourselves as separate, we are becoming the worst thing to happen to nature in a long time.

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