Nature of the Internal Environment

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My investigations take the form of collages exploring the intimate physiological and emotional relationship between the human form and plant life. What interests me most is the way in which the human anatomy corresponds to structures in nature, plants, trees, and the landscape. This can manifest itself internally or externally in the form of patterns, designs, or metaphorical context—subtle-yet-enchanting similarities between the inner life of plants and trees and humans. What are humans if not plants and trees, themselves made-up of organic material?

Minding Nature, by Kathy Bruce

Natural Mechanisms, by Kathy Bruce

Natural Extension, by Kathy Bruce

  • Kathy Bruce

    Kathy Bruce’s work explores mythological female forms within the context of poetry, literature and the natural environment. Ms. Bruce is the recipient of numerous grants and awards including a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowship, two Fulbright-Hayes scholar grants to Peru, and a Ford Foundation Grant. She has exhibited her work in the US, UK and internationally, including Senegal, Taiwan, Denmark, Peru, France, and Canada.

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