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At this point in my life, I do not see myself as separate from nature. I love to be outside and I want to grow up to be an environmental engineer so that I will always be able to help protect nature. However, when I was younger I did not feel connected to nature. That is because I didn’t fully appreciate how special it is.

One of my favorite parts of nature is the sunsets in Tucson, my hometown. They are so breathtaking and unique to Arizona. When I was young, I didn’t see them as special because I was used to seeing them every single day. That is the reason I wasn’t connected to nature because I was so used to it I never stopped to see the beauty.

Now that I am older and have been able to travel, I can see how special nature is. I can also understand that climate change is really affecting the world and we need to work on stopping it. I am so glad I have been able to connect myself with nature; if I hadn’t been able to I would be a completely different person.

I think that everyone feels separated from nature at one point in their life. This is because when you’re young, you can’t really understand how special it is. I don’t know how to help other people unseperate themselves from nature but I think it is very important that we try to. If everyone felt connected to nature, our world would probably be a very different place.

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