A conversation with tayla shanaye and an essay by Rebecca Ryall

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Two hands against a purple background with dots reminiscent of stars. The hand on the left is reaching down, and the hand on the right is reaching up. Both hands are touching a long, thick line that includes shades of green and purple. The line crosses the image and moves down and up, reminiscent of a river.

Dear Reader,

We’re delighted to bring you two new pieces this week. 

The first piece comes from our Questions for a Resilient Future series, “How do we come together in a changing world?” curated by Editorial Fellows Kailea Loften and Kate Weiner. This conversation with somatic counselor tayla shanaye is an excerpt from a course that strategist Lucía Oliva Hennelly and editor Kate Weiner are developing on cultivating meaningful civic engagement. tayla shanaye is an integral somatic decolonial feminist and relational educator, mother of two young children, and Women’s Spirituality scholar. We hope that what tayla has to share on holding charged conversations can ground you, in the spirit of our question “How do we come together in a changing world?”.

The second piece — an essay by Rebecca Ryall — reflects on reciprocity, human vulnerability, the relativity of permanence, and the interplay between natural forces and landscapes. Rebecca Ryall is a PhD student with Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. She lives off grid in the forest in northern New South Wales on unceded Widjabul:Waiabul lands. Her research interests include people-place relationships and dialogue with the more-than-human.

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Much love,
Center for Humans and Nature

Illustration by Mariza Ryce Aparicio-Tovar.

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