A new essay by Isaac Yuen, plus Indigenous Plant Medicine: Growing a Deeper Connection with the Natural World

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Dear Reader,

This week, we’re happy to bring you a new essay in Stories & Ideas, “Giving Up on Your Dreams,” by creative non-fiction writer Isaac Yuen. Along with this new essay, we are sharing a previous essay by Isaac that also dives into our understandings of the more-than-human world.

We’re also delighted to share information about the second conversation in the three-part series, What Stories Does the Land Hold?, co-presented by the Center for Humans and Nature and The New School at Commonweal as part of the Center’s Questions for a Resilient Future series. Please find full details about the March 1st conversation below.

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Center for Humans and Nature

Image credit: Image: A modern reconstruction of Basilosaurus cetoides, by Dominik Hammelsbruch, via Wikipedia. Full credit in essay.

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