Bone-Stones: Relics of Our Wreckage

Dear Reader,

This week, we’re honored to bring you “Bone-Stones: Relics of Our Wreckage,” a series of five objects, a corresponding poem, and an introductory essay by Linnéa Ryshke. 

Linnéa writes, “Aware of the invisible presence of animal bodies in art materials and artworks, I sought to enact a different ethical relationship to the remains of the creatures that alchemized into these stones. I felt that my labor of cremation was one of a decomposing, elemental energy, the way wind, water, and gravity shape stones in the natural world.”

Linnéa Ryshke creates paintings, drawings, artist books, installations, and poetry that seek to restore the value of nonhuman animals as kindred beings worthy of our adoration, respect, and empathy. She received her BFA in painting from Pratt Institute and her MFA in visual art from Washington University in St. Louis.

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Center for Humans and Nature

Photo and object by Linnéa Ryshke.

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