Honoring the expanse of the Cosmos, sharing stories of the land, and belonging in a world of islands

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Dear Reader,

As we continue to advance our travels, stretching Earth’s limits further into Space, how do we deeply honor the expanse of this Cosmos? And how can we reincorporate our past stories of the Cosmos into our contemporary human understandings?

As we slide into this new year, a year most likely filled with technological leaps and bounds, and as we navigate our solar system and beyond, Center contributors are continuing to hold space for important ethical questions about our relationships with the Cosmos.

To this end, the Center is sharing new contributor responses to our Questions for a Resilient Future series, ‘How do we understand the Cosmos as our home?’ In this newsletter, we highlight the most recent poetry, art, and essays published within this series. We hope these contributions help you navigate your interconnections with the stars.

Read this week’s full newsletter here.

Much love,
Anja Claus
Senior Editor, CHN Press Digital and Land Liaison

Pictured: This image – the first released from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope – shows the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723. Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI

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