How We Get Over: A conversation with Sarah Jené and Jasmine Williams, part of our Questions for a Resilient Future series

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As part of the Questions for a Resilient Future series, What are the lessons of loss?, our 2022 Editorial Fellow Manòn Voice sat down for a conversation with the founders and curators of “How We Get Over.” Curators Sarah Jené and Jasmine Williams create spaces for Black women to feel seen and heard, especially when it comes to healing and grief work and pure joy. Their interactive exhibition holds space for Black Southerners to honor and reckon with their grief and is connected with the outdoor installation “We Grow On.”

The exhibition and installation opened this month at the Mississippi Museum of Art and serve as sacred spaces where Black people can attend to their pain and the perpetual grief of living in societies defined by ongoing centuries of domination, violence, and exclusion stemming from a worldview of white supremacy.

Today, we offer this conversation about attending to Black grief and Southern Black grief, in particular, with care and in community. As Manòn Voice says, “we are not meant to deal with our loss alone.”

You can find the exhibit, through September 3, 2023, here.

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Artwork by Greg Rose / Haykidd Media.
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