Perspectives on Buckthorn relationship and land reciprocity; poems by Amelia Díaz Ettinger; and join us at the International Forum on Consciousness

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May 18, 2023

Dear Reader,

This week, we’re bringing you “Three Perspectives on Buckthorn Relationship and Reciprocity,” a reflection on a cultural field day, holding the question of what it might mean to be in relationship with Buckthorn. We’re also sharing Extinguished Voices, a series of three poems by Amelia Díaz Ettinger. 

We’re also delighted to share that several Humans and Nature contributors and Gavin Van Horn (Executive Editor, CHN Press Books) will be moderating and presenting at the International Forum on Consciousness this week. 

We’re grateful to be surrounded by so much curiosity, creativity, and insight. 

Read this week’s full newsletter here.

Much love,
Center for Humans and Nature

Photos by Cassandra Castillo Valentin.

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