Read Francis Weller on sorrow, meet our new Editorial Fellows, join a series spotlighting Indigenous voices + advaya’s new Kinship course

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Dear Reader,

We’re delighted to bring you a new essay, “An Apprenticeship with Sorrow,” written by Francis Weller. The essay is a response to our Questions for a Resilient Future series, What are the Lessons of Loss?, curated by 2022 Editorial Fellow, Manòn Voice.

We’re also thrilled to introduce you to our 2023 Editorial Fellows, Kailea Frederick and Kate Weiner of Loam.

And we’d like to remind you of an upcoming series of conversations co-presented by the Center and The New School at Commonweal as part of the Center’s Questions for a Resilient Future series.

This conversation series, What Stories Does the Land Hold?, spotlights a collection of Indigenous voices telling the stories of the land, connecting us to each other and to all of our relations.

Finally, we’re happy to share information about advaya’s 2023 Kinship course, hosted and curated by Hannah Close, including a General Admission discount code for our community and bursary information. Kinship is a six-week live online course exploring community, relationality, and belonging.

Thank you for continuing to share curiosity and community with us. We look forward to being in touch again in 2023!

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Much love,
Center for Humans and Nature

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