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Dear Reader,

Humans and Nature Press Digital is accepting submissions through 11:59 pm CDT on August 1, 2023.

We publish creative work — including essays, poetry, and visual and auditory art — that explores and promotes human responsibilities in relation to the whole community of life. Honoraria are given for published work.

To read our submission guidelines and to submit your creative work, please click here.

Ongoing publication themes include: relationships with and among animals and plants, land and water, care, climate change, community, culture, healing, justice, kinship, language, practice, reciprocity, sacredness, and sovereignty.

Additionally, in connection with the expertise and interests of our Editorial Advisory Board and the Center’s current programmatic initiatives, we also welcome work that focuses on the themes of:

Seasons of life: What happens when we attend to cyclical patterns, sunrise to sunset, new to full moon, growth to harvest, the cycle of a year, the journey of a life? What does a seasonal ending or beginning impart? We’re looking for your stories and ideas that speak to the seasons of life and what seasonality means for connection and reconnection at this time.

Deep time: How do we reimagine our understanding of time? For most of us, the clock rules our lives. But what if we lived by biological time, geological time, cosmic time, or even ancestral time? How might we break out of our experience of time as an arrow? Is it possible for us to experience time as a spiral, a loop, or something else entirely?

Before submitting your work, please read the submission guidelines.

Contributors receive an honorarium of $500 upon publication.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Much love,
Center for Humans and Nature

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