Thrilled to share Elementals, our new book series!

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A five-volume series of books is set against a dark green background. There is an illustration of mushrooms on the lower right-hand side. The word "elementals" is in the center right-hand side of the image, and a circle with the words "pre-order now" is on the top right. The five spines of the books say, "earth," "air," "water," "fire," and "an elemental life." The book case cover has a half mandala made of ferns, crab legs, butterflies, starfish, flowers, birds, coral, and other nature imagery.

Dear Reader,

We’re thrilled to announce that pre-orders are now open for Elementals, the second book series published by Humans & Nature Press, to be released on September 3rd, 2024.

Like our award-winning five-volume series Kinship, the five Elementals volumes—Earth, Air, Water, Fire, An Elemental Life—offer essays, poetry, and stories that illuminate the dynamic relationships between people and place, human and nonhuman life, mind and the material world, and the living energies that make all life possible.

Elementals is edited by Gavin Van Horn and Bruce Jennings with poetry editors Nickole Brown and Craig Santos Perez. Please consider pre-ordering the series below. Pre-orders help our tiny press with spreading the word and getting our books onto the shelves of wonderful booksellers.

We’re grateful for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for our publications and can’t wait to share Elementals with you.

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Much love,

Center for Humans & Nature

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