Two new essays: “Mountain Vapors” by keith kozloff and “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Bill Davison

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Dear Reader,

This week, we’re sharing two new essays, “Mountain Vapors” by keith kozloff and “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Bill Davison.

keith’s interest in photography began during his adolescence when he developed a deep connection with the natural world. Photography and nature both offered temporary escapes from a sometimes turbulent home life. That connection emerged from his interaction with a small remaining area of native prairie nestled in his suburban neighborhood, sandwiched between a bustling street and a commuter rail line.

Bill Davison is a biologist, writer, photographer, and farmer. His writing and photography capture the vibrancy and little joys inherent in gardening, birdwatching, and becoming absorbed in nature. His eye for detail and storytelling immerse people in the natural world. He believes our yards and gardens are a crucible for fostering a new relationship between people and the land.

We hope you will enjoy both of these beautiful essays and the accompanying images. 

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Much love,
Center for Humans and Nature

Photo by keith kozloff.

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