Upside Down People: Bats and Autism

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This week, we’re honored to bring you “Upside Down People: Bats and Autism,” an audio story created and narrated by Sara Kian-Judge and curated by Animal Allegories’ Ceridwen Dovey and Zoë Sadokierski for the “Future Fables: Lessons from Other Animals” project.

Sara Kian-Judge is a Walbunja-Yuin autistic artist. Her work aims to generate conversation and change around the recognition of personhood, self-determination, and intrinsic rights of existence frequently stripped from marginalized people, places and species. Sara’s work is guided by her relationships with animals and nature, her Indigenous cultural education, and her lived experience of sensory synesthaezia and autism.

Collaborating as Animal Allegories, Zoë Sadokierski and Ceridwen Dovey craft experimental, visually surprising tales of animal entanglements. They write, “We know stories can’t save the world. But they can provide moments of respite, transporting us into an imaginative realm where future possibilities shimmer briefly into view.” 

The stories in the “Future Fables” collection are intended to open up new thresholds for considering how humans relate to the more-than-human species around us. These stories emerged alongside another project Animal Allegories is developing with the Australian Museum, titled “Survival Stories: Threatened Species and the Scientists Who Study Them.” 

Humans & Nature Press Digital is very happy to present “Future Fables” as an ongoing digital story gallery highlighting a variety of text, audio, video, and artwork capturing the power of human and nature encounters and connections. 

Stay tuned for more fables to come, and read this week’s full newsletter here.

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