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Dear Reader,

As autumn draws to a close, we’re writing to share our sincere appreciation for you, our community. Your support makes the depth and breadth of our work not only possible but also sustainable. With your incredible generosity, we are ending 2023 celebrating several wonderful new directions.

As we shared in a previous newsletter, we are very excited about the expansion of the Center’s five-acre home, thanks to a partnership and land transfer from the Chicago-based non-profit, Openlands. Now, nearly 50 acres of prairie, savanna, wetland, woodland, ravine, and stream ecosystems will also be a beautiful home for Humans & Nature Press and the future Humans & Nature Farm. Here, we will create a welcoming place for people to explore what it means to be human in an interconnected world. Land care practices will be grounded in our mission: to explore and promote our responsibilities to our fellow humans and the whole community of life.

Humans & Nature Press is also looking forward to an exciting 2024 with the upcoming release of our new multi-volume book series, Elementals, and a new venture into the chapbook format, with forthcoming publications in both digital and print. Additionally, through the Center’s free digital press, our Questions for a Resilient Future series will continue to feature work curated by Editorial Fellows, early-career editors who deepen the network of contributors offering ideas for our collective future.

These new chapters for Humans & Nature Press and Humans & Nature Farm need the ongoing support of our wonderful community. We hope you will consider donating to our efforts for the year ahead.

Donate to the Center for Humans & Nature here.

With gratitude,
Brooke Hecht

Photo by Abena Motaboli.

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