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They don’t meet if you believe in evolution. Evolutionists tell us we biologically evolved over the past 13 billion years or so, but where did morality come from or originate. Where are evolutionists getting these metaphysical  ideas, when they have no starting point? It makes me want to write a poem on evolution: 

My Poem about Evolution

Once upon a time certain chemicals interacted in a primordial goo, 
as the result of a lightning strike just suddenly out of the blue. 
Which miraculous spontaneous generation of life is supposed to explain the origin of evolution “from the goo, through the zoo, to you.”

No wonder why some scientists call this a curious conundrum,
and it has stirred up quite a sensation.
Since one must explain how nature fabricated the first digital information processor—the original living cell—which wrote its own software and self-reproduced, 
though matter, energy and physical laws cannot create genetic information.

Scientists now know the internal structure of a cell is far more complex than the infrastructure of a large city.
And because they reject any notion of an outside, super-intelligent Creator-Designer, 
their molecules-to-man explanation is really to be pitied.

Now renowned atheist Richard Dawkins will grant you this much.
He believes the little green men did it.
His explains that aliens planted the seeds for original life,
and that we all had better get with it. 
Well, that’s like saying that because people claim to have seen UFOs, they must be real or something. 
The SETI project has tried to find signs of intelligent (extra-terrestrial) life for years,
And they have come up with nothing.

Then, you have the fossil record that shows all life-forms appear abruptly and fully formed,
without evidence of evolutionary ancestors (transitional fossils) in the geological strata underneath.
All of which makes the creationists smile, 
but the evolutionist squirm in his seat.

There are a few fossils highly disputed even among evolutionary scientists to be intermediate or “in transition.” 
Like Archaeopteryx (“dino-bird”) alleged to be intermediate between reptiles and birds, 
Which bird experts like Paleo-ornithologist Alan Feduccia, 
show is nothing more than science fiction.

Evolutionists would have us believe that some reptile running along the ground felt it needed faster locomotion.
So, it evolved feathers and took to the air, 
And caused a “flying spaghetti monster commotion.” 
Yes, evolutionists cling to their “flying monster sensation,” though it is totally absurd.
Because Archaeopteryx possessed large wishbone, elliptical wings, perching feet, fully-formed feathers and unique avian lung design and inner ear—
all features of a true bird.

Well, to move up the branches on the evolutionary tree is to go from one phyla or kind to a totally different kind.
And, despite the conspicuous absence of billions of transitional fossils in between, 
most evolutionists still think their theory sublime.

Just believe in this fairy tale for grown-ups with all your mind,
and there will be no need for the princess to kiss the frog, 
the frog will become the prince over eons of time.

No wonder kids today appear oftentimes bewildered and confused,
and set their hearts on things below, and not above.
They don’t know where they’re going because they don’t know where they came from,
nor do they know the God who has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ to be a God of love.

So, what can we do to reach this “lost” generation and be part of the solution.
We can teach our kids early in life that they were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27), not by a process of unplanned, mindless, accidental, naturalistic evolution.

We can let them see by our words and deeds that we have Christ in us, the hope of glory,
So, that we can be channels of God’s grace and love to tell salvation’s story.
That God so loved this ungodly world that He gave His only begotten Son to die for undeserving sinners, such as you and I, and His invitation to partake of the water of life freely is for all who will receive Him as their Lord and Savior today (John 1:12-13); it will be too late after we die. God bless.

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