One Human Family

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Morality is a rationalization justifying our behavior. Humans are co-operating egalitarian social animals on a compassionate level and less refined on the lower narcissistic level. We have instincts to feel good behaving with each rationalization, even if it hurts others with the insecure narcissistic mindset. Wise people and religions throughout history have encouraged the compassionate mindset because it feels better to individuals AND others overall, leading us to live in more security and deal with less petty, weak emotions like jealousy, anger etc….. All humans have instincts to co-operate with and love whoever they identify with. We are learning beings who recognize and appreciate the learning capabilities in all humans. We have instincts for compassion and they will guide every individual to identify with all humans if they choose a compassionate mindset. “We” all can recognize habits of concentration in ourselves that cause bad feelings in ourselves and others, and “we” can recognize the habits that lead to good feelings about ourselves and others. Compassion is secure and inclusive.  Narcissism is insecure and exclusive. Modern civilizations, with roots in monarchy, have tried to rationalize the narcissistic mindset to build empires. Evolution is telling us that humans don’t like narcissistic mindsets, in ourselves or others, and that we are most satisfied co-operating and socializing and sharing with equality. Every culture is a cult, promoting compassion or narcissism to varying degrees. “A large proportion of the cruelty which decent people applaud or tolerate is applauded or tolerated by them only because they are either too stupid to put themselves imaginatively into the position of the victims or because they refrain from doing so.” I don’t think “stupid” is helpful here, culturally biased and ignorant may apply better. Ideas about war differ depending on whether the compassionate or narcissistic mindset is used. I believe science is proving that we have evolved to be more fulfilled using a compassionate mindset. It’s just what that majority of humans choose, even if they have to break the rules of their cult-ure. It was Kafka who said, “War is a monstrous lack of imagination.” I say it’s just the natural outcome of choosing the narcissistic mindset. This is the only real enemy on Earth. Incorporating our instincts for compassion in our mindset brings about such wisdom as “The Golden Rule” which is universal among peoples. The narcissistic mindset goes against this understanding to its own peril. Would-be kings and actual kings find themselves in great personal danger all the time because they don’t imagine how they themselves would feel bad if someone else tried to lord over them.  

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