Meet the humans of the Center for Humans and Nature. The Center’s contributors, editorial fellows, staff, and board members share a passion for deep and diverse ideas on arts, humanity, and nature. We are committed to exploring our relationships and responsibilities to each other and the whole community of life.

Allison Crook Hellenbrand

Allison Crook Hellenbrand is a farmer, community organizer, and recent Master’s graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the School of Human Ecology. Her interests are around the intersections between

Photo of Marianne Worthington. Blonde hair, glasses, in a lapis blue shirt.

Marianne Worthington

Marianne Worthington is a poet, editor, and educator. She co-founded Still: The Journal, an online magazine publishing writers, musicians, and artists with ties to Appalachia since 2009. Her collection of

Kathy Tierney

Kathy Tierney is a writer who has won seven literary awards: The Sun Herald  book prize (1982) for a science-fiction short story, Joint first prize in the local section of the

Tessa Anttila

Trauma Psychotherapist and Host, Love Letters to Planet Earth Podcast

Mane Hovhannisyan

Mane Hovhannisyan is an Armenian fine art, documentary, and conceptual photographer. The preferred topics of her art are the reflection of the state in between magic and reality, the correspondence

Brooke Williams

Brooke Williams writes about evolution, consciousness, and his own adventures exploring both the inner and outer wilderness. He believes that the past and the future are the same length. He

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