Our World is Water

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Water is taken for granted, water is around us all the time. Sadly in today’s day and age, we are using water in ways that it doesn’t need to be used. The amount of water we waste is unbelievable, I think most citizens have this idea that water will always be there. But also the people who believe this are not educated enough on the topic of water. Humans are almost 90% of water; we survive off of it. Plants and animals also survive off of water; water is a factor of everything, which is why it’s time for us to take action. I, along with many others, believe that water is being wasted. I say wasted in situations such as: long showers, running water, running dishwashers that aren’t full, leaving the water on when brushing your teeth, etc. Every day we waste water without being conscious of it. Problems like these will cause plants, animals, and humans to have a huge decrease in water usage. These issues are also causing droughts. I believe that since most people don’t have to deal with the issue of a drought, they take water for granted completely. Not only is wasting water becoming a huge issue but water pollution is starting to cause problems. Before we know it, every place will be in a drought with polluted water. As humans living on this Earth, it is our responsibility to decrease the problem of water pollution and water waste. As a household, community, and country we can make this happen. 

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