Pathology is a medical myth, divorced from nature

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We are naturally part of a symbiosis, to be separate is to embark on a divorce with no meaning, a slow unsustainable entropy. Most people spend their lives trying to be a ‘someone’, looking for answers, searching for solace. We don’t need to climb mountains because the answers are right here. Hippocrates said ‘there are no diseases, only obstructions’. To stay well and to be well, we have to learn to identify those obstructions and deal with them. The medical myth of pathology is divorced from nature, it sees the body as ‘going wrong’ instead of understanding that the body/nature is doing the best it can with what it has to clean and heal and ‘go right’. Learning to be part of your own symbiosis can, at times, be quite a challenge, society certainly rarely allows it. This is especially true when society has taught artificial constructs as the framework for ‘life’, much of the sadness out there is denial of permission to self discover. When we become who we really are, we resonate with creativity, beauty seems effortless and we attract people and events into our lives that like us as we are.  Things naturally ‘work’. We are analogues – part of something alive, we are not digital – an approximation of something and dead. Health is a natural consequence of removing obstructions and the ability to reverse the entropy of ‘disease’ is the natural phenomena of cleaning and healing, not a spontaneous remission!  To be separate from nature is to be ‘ill’.

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