Peter Timmerman

Peter Timmerman

Associate Professor - York University

Peter Timmerman is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University Toronto. His main areas of research currently include environmental philosophy and ethics, with special reference to topics such as nuclear waste management, climate change, and ecological economics.

His earlier publications include a monograph on climate change (Vulnerability, Resilience and the Collapse of Society (1983);  reports to various nuclear commissions (including The Long Haul (1994); and the editing of a volume in the Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change (2001). His most recent publications are on topics ranging from the music of John Cage to Buddhist ethical responses to Genetically Modified Organisms.

He supervises/advises Phd students in topics ranging from Environmental Music  to Deep Ecology. He is on the board of the Canadian Forum on Religion and Ecology (CFORE), and writes extensively on religious and spiritual teachings as they apply to environmental concerns. As part of an SSHRC funded project on the ethical foundations of ecological economics, he writes on the basic tenets of alternative economic systems around the world.  He appears on television from time to time as a commentator.

In the Faculty,  he is the Chair of Faculty Council,  the co-ordinator for the Business and Environment Diploma, and a member of the Academic Grade Assessment Committee. He is also the convenor of the Environmental Music Collective.

Contributions to Humans & Nature:
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