Philip Lawn

Philip Lawn

Senior Lecturer - Flinders University

Philip Lawn is a Senior Lecturer in environmental and ecological economics at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. Over the past decade Dr. Lawn has written and edited a number of books and articles on the principles, indicators, and policy aspects of sustainable development, including: Sustainable Development Indicators in Ecological Economics (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2006), Frontier Issues in Ecological Economics (Edward Elgar, 2007), Sustainable Welfare in the Asia-Pacific (Edward Elgar, 2008, co-edited with Matthew Clarke), and Environment and Employment: A Reconciliation(Routledge, 2009).

Dr. Lawn is currently working on a climate change book and an edited volume on how nations can best make the transition to a sustainable economy in a world subject to the degenerative forces of globalisation.

Dr. Lawn conceived of The International Journal of Environment, Workplace, and Employment (Inderscience) in 2004 and served as founding editor of the journal until 2009.

Dr. Lawn is also in demand by Australian state governments having undertaken commissioned work for the Victorian and Queensland Governments. His commissioning role has led to two Genuine Progress Indicator reports on Queensland and one on Victoria.

Along with seminar and conference presentations, Dr. Lawn regularly gives presentations to community groups and organizations in an attempt to spread the word about the dangers of humankind’s predilection with continued growth and the benefits, as well as the necessity, of transitioning to a steady-state economy.

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