Qi Feng Lin

Qi Feng Lin


Qi Feng Lin is a doctoral student at the McGill Department of Natural Resource Sciences and School of Environment. As a Fellow with CHN, Qi Feng will study how Aldo Leopold was influenced by the economics of his time and the impact of his writings on the field of economics, in particular ecological economics, after his death in 1948. Qi Feng will do his work with Peter Brown, CHN Senior Fellow; and Curt Meine, Director of Conservation Biology and History. For his PhD research Qi Feng will be studying the concept of man in relation to forest conservation.

Before coming to McGill, Qi Feng was working at an internet company in New York City. He was in charge of quantitative analysis and geographic information system.

In 2008, Qi Feng obtained his Masters of Environmental Science from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, with a focus on climate change economics. For his master’s project, Qi Feng conducted a cost-benefit analysis on protecting Kuantan, a coastal town in Malaysia, against sea-level rise. In 2005, Qi Feng graduated from the National University of Singapore with a B.S. in statistics (honors).

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