Questions for a Resilient Future Responses from Loyola University Chicago

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In fall 2016 the Center for Humans and Nature worked with two groups of undergraduate students at Loyola University Chicago to share their visions of a culture of conservation. The first group comprised a mix of environmental science and business students from a course called “Sustainable Business Management.” 


They responded to our question, “How can we create a successful economy without continuous economic growth?” and we are happy to share our favorite response here. You can view all of the student reader responses on the question page.

The second group consisted of graduating environmental science students from the senior capstone course, “Integrative Environmental Seminar.” They drew from the scholarship and ideas they explored during their environmental studies to develop the following question for our Questions for a Resilient Future series: “What happens when we perceive ourselves either as separate from or as a part of nature?” The students then worked in teams to write responses to this question, and we are excited to share the winning response in this issue of Minding Nature. All of the students’ responses are posted on our question page.

We would like to thank Dr. Nancy Landrum from Loyola University Chicago for making this collaboration possible. We hope you enjoy these voices from the next generation of environmental scholars, scientists, activists, and leaders.

Loyola University Chicago Student Essays:
“Everything Has a Limit to Its Growth,” by Alyson Crutchfield
“Healing the Divide: Breaking the Boundaries between Humans and Nature,” by Sarah Ashcraft-Johnson, Alexandra Mattingly, and Alexander Papaioannou

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