Remembrance Day for Lost Species

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Participate in ‘Remembrance Day for Lost Species’.

I doubt that many species (persons) would want to return to the world as it is … just to become extinct for a second time.  These bio engineering projects devoted to bringing extinct species back to life encapsulate the same human pathologies which which drove them to extinction in the first place, to whit, the cardinal Sin of Pride. I say this not as a Christian, but as a person who relates to all-our-relations as persons with as much right to be here as we do. Love, Honour and Respect are the generative forces in this kind of relationship. Bringing back extinct peoples from their DNA is another example of aren’t we clever at manipulating all these things in space completely disregarding context or feelings.

Surely, the first consideration should be what would it feel like for a person to “wake up” into a world of clueless, hairless aliens without any relations. Now that humanity nears the point of extinction itself, these sorts of questions need to be contemplated.

If you “get it”, you see these people are family. It is far more important to relate to them at least with remembrance and even ceremony. Every year more of our relations are disappearing. November is a good month for Remembrance Days.

The Poster does not suggest what people should do, only why they should do it. What should we do? We should be doing it more for them, but also for us to help in the process of coming to terms with the prospect of our own extinction.

Each act of the heart matters. Proving how clever we are never did.

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