Richard Blaustein

Richard Blaustein

Freelance Science, Environmental, and Legal Journalist

Richard Blaustein is a science, environmental, and legal journalist based out of Washington, DC. In addition to Minding Nature, he has contributed to BioScience, Physics World, Physics Today, World Policy Journal, Washington Lawyer and other publications. He is currently working on a book on climate change abrupt change in the paleo and contemporary world. He has written for Minding Nature in the past, including on geologist and climate scientist William Ruddiman and his early Anthropocene hypothesis and landscape architect Julia Watson.

Rich has a law degree and a master’s degree in science journalism, and worked in environmental advocacy before switching to journalism in 2004.  Rich says he views nature poets as a broad category that includes William Wordsworth, Edna St. Vincent Millet, Percy Shelley, Dante, Mary Oliver, and W.S. Merwin, and these and other poets have informed his belief in nature across the decades.

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