Robert Nadeau

Robert Nadeau

Professor Emeritus - George Mason University

Dr. Robert Nadeau, Professor Emeritus at George Mason University, has attempted throughout his career to bridge the knowledge gap between what British physicist and novelist C. P. Snow termed the two-cultures of humanists-social scientists and scientists-engineers. Nadeau created and taught numerous interdisciplinary courses in four academic departments and programs at GMU and has published ten books and numerous articles that deal with a wide variety of subject fields on both sides of the two-culture divide.

In his most recently published book, Rebirth of the Sacred (Oxford University Press, 2013) Nadeau makes the case that there is a new basis for dialogue between the most fundamental scientific truths in contemporary physics and biology and the most profound spiritual truths in the five great religious traditions of the world. He also claims that this dialogue can serve as the basis for articulating and disseminating a new environmental ethos with a profound spiritual dimension that could be critically important in the effort to mitigate the impacts of climate change and to resolve a large number of other menacing environmental problems. 

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