Samsaric Seperation

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The separation of “Self” does not exist. This is ignorance of our origin and our current state is the samsaric condition of continual suffering that we are forced to experience because of our reluctance to understand the nature of all things. This is a reflection of our Karmic reality. In buddhist practice it is the Bodhisattvas responsibility to study this condition with the utmost attention, care and respect for the lineage holders and buddhas throughout time. Karma is a basic principle that our actions have an equal and similar reaction. 

If we look at all the variety of problems in our world and conflicting view points we can easily become overwhelmed. It is far too easy today to find easily with the click of a mouse or a look of the eye,  the suffering of a population without adequate resources or a species on the brink of or extinct because of the negligence of communities to protect each other. Suffering is real and it is part of our subconscious and conscious experience all the time. This is why the Buddhist Practice of taking refuge vows and subsequent vows has the effectiveness to help yourself and others  become free of this cycle.

I have been studying with teachers and lineage holders who luckily have given me some insight into these practices that are not easy and are not all peace and love; it’s very difficult to confront past wrongs and missed opportunities to be part of the solution. It’s much easier to chose sides. I hope that all beings everywhere are able to help and increase positive karmic ripening and reverse the negative phenomena in the world. We can heal these many mental afflictions by honoring our own mental afflictions, of which no being is free and by showing kindness to all in every action, thought, and deed. It’s a lofty goal but three years in and I want nothing more for myself and all beings!

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