Skill for currency. Individual skills made valuable.

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Perhaps by bring back more than one means of currency, i.e. trade on a more personal communal level. So let’s use language as an example; your “main” speaking money could still be cash. Useless paper in my opinion, but I understand the tool. However, you will also have trading good and services as a widely accepted means of payment. Used responsibly it might help struggling homes use their skills not paper degrees to pay for life’s essentials. This in turn will demonopolize the means of currency giving more individual power to learn trade skills not office entitlement skills. I don’t understand that either. Useless pay to good lackies perhaps. So basically it would transition to being paid to peruse your natural skills and abilities. Those ones that make you happy, and not stuck in a cubicle or on the streets or in a caste system. There is always a way to abuse a system; however, if built on a good moral and regulated it might have a chance. One of the greatest causes of poverty, starvation, and unhappiness is the value put on the created money system. We are constantly told money equals value. I don’t know when dyed clothes became more valuable than human life, perhaps when it was used to buy life and resell it to the highest bidder. The elite do hold us as cattle stock in the money game they live by. Clearly this needs to change drastically since it has lead to the rape of Earth and her children. In my humble opinion that was the point where we lost our humanity. When you turn to killing your mother there is an issue… also as a casual observer bitcoin and the 5g gribd will be free will and spirit’s destruction. We can not let this occur. Use your right or lose them. Speak up, speak out, go make a change. Don’t fear, the only think we have to lose right now is our lives in this time and place. Our spirit still survives. A few generations from now, we will have no souls to inhabit a body. No one religious viewpoint, but as a wide term “spirit” guard your future life, your family, and your children. Go with love creation and the will to make things better before it’s too late.

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