Sourcing morality: the heart or the mind?

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Morality does not originate from the mind. While moral thought seems to, moral awareness sources from emotions, which come from the soul, which come from the energy of life, pulsing through us and in us, which is love.

The mind is not a solid object. Yes, it has a physical mass, biological and electrical impulses. However, the content, the unquantifiable elements of the mind that leads us in various ways, sources from the unseen of the universe or divinity, flowing through our brain as universe and soul. It is from that source that feeling and spiritual desire, compassion, and oneness flows.

Morality is an intellectual derivative. As it is thought, it is an ego partner, a process farther from the soul. Abstraction is a mechanization of life, causing imbalance and disease. Intuition, and feeling connect directly from the source and source love/ health. Hence, the imbalance in our society which lives in and honors an abstraction of life, lives less in the core of love and more in the mind, ego, domination, arrogance, separation thought.

The quality of a moral future will be in direct relationship to the level of openness we have to the soul. Will we nourish vision and action for a vital world from care, and compassion? Will we allow the soft, feminine, unquantifiable aspect of life to open up and flow to a loving moral future? To source a vital future is not the mind but the heart. The feminine, surrender to the power of love.”

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