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This decision is just ratiocination, not
about animal bones in middens,
grindstones and a 4000-year-old length
of plaited hair woven from ancestors:
a migration of stories
into each new century —
This is the way it was,
don’t forget
the stories.

How to read ancient aboriginal shelters
in Juukan Gorge, more conventionally,
is to blow them up. White fingers
want rich iron ore
& their fingers have power whorls,
which sign papers, calculate money,
press detonators.

This decision is just ratiocination:
another tomb is here.

  • Kathy Tierney

    Kathy Tierney is a writer who has won seven literary awards. She has been published in various literary journals and anthologies. Her novel The Social Prophet was published globally in November 2021 and her debut novel The Choosing Time was published in March 2022.
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