Steven I. Apfelbaum

Steven I. Apfelbaum

Principal Ecologist & Chairman - Applied Ecological Services, Inc.

Steven I. Apfelbaum is Chair of Applied Ecological Services, Inc., one of the larger ecological-sciences and restoration firms in the United States. He is co-author of Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land (Island Press), written to help landowners and land stewards—including agency staff managing state, federal, and other public lands—successfully develop and implement land-restoration programs.

Apfelbaum’s book Nature’s Second Chance (Beacon Press) won awards as one of the “top ten environmental books of 2009” and one of the “top 10 books for understanding what you can do about climate change.” Apfelbaum and AES, Inc. have contributed to some of the mostly widely recognized, innovative model projects addressing land use change, transportation systems, wildlife, storm water, and human quality of life. These include Prairie Crossing (Grayslake, Illinois), which has received numerous awards; the Don Lands redevelopment (Toronto, Canada), which received the Clinton Foundation’s global sustainability award; the ARC International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition (West Vail, Colorado); and many other projects and awards, which can be found at Apfelbaum holds adjunct, lectureships positions, and research appointments at Harvard graduate school of design and other institutions.

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