tayla shanaye

tayla shanaye

Somatic Educator

tayla is an integral somatic decolonial feminist and relational educator, mother of two young children, and Women’s Spirituality scholar. They hold a Master’s in Psychological Studies with a concentration in Somatic Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is currently pursuing a PhD in Women’s Spirituality at the same institution. Integral to all of these academic pursuits is a trauma-attuned perspective of embodiment that takes seriously the material impacts of systemic oppression on the human form. Utilizing these tools, tayla supports individuals, activists and educators in understanding cultural trauma and somatic praxis as a counselor, consultant, and educator. tayla currently serves as co-director of CA-based non-profit Weaving Earth while finishing their doctoral studies. tayla lives on and cares for occupied Anishinaabeg lands.

Contributions to Humans and Nature Press:

Being in Our Bodies
A response to “How do we come together in a changing world?”

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