Terry Chapin

Terry Chapin

Professor Emeritus - University of Alaska Fairbanks

F. Stuart (Terry) Chapin’s research addresses the effects of changes in climate and wildfire on Alaskan ecology and rural communities. He explores ways that communities and agencies can develop options that increase sustainability of ecosystems and human communities over the long term despite rapid climatic and social changes. Through projections of future climate, ecology, and subsistence resources, his research helps people make more informed choices about options for long-term sustainability.

Chapin’s research in earth stewardship explores ways that society can proactively shape changes toward a more sustainable future through actions that enhance ecosystem resilience and human well-being. He pursues this internationally through the Resilience Alliance, nationally through the Ecological Society of America, and in Alaska through a community partnership that links the sustainability visions of rural indigenous communities with university research expertise to implement those visions.

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