The honor of being a fellow human

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Before I read the responses by the doctor and professors and journalists… It seems absurd to believe that in the absurdly vast universe that our solar system is the only one with a planet—one planet—that hosts life. Abundant forms of life exist in the air and the various water sources (fresh and salt) and of course, on land. Of all the vegetation and creatures and simple organisms that inhabit “our” planet, it is vulgarly arrogant to think we are superior in intelligence and purpose. In all of the spoken and written beliefs that explain our existence, it’s ignorant to say that an ancient collection of books containing writings spanning more than 1,400 years by 40 different authors would be the true source of answers. Even if this bible explained science and astronomy and geography and human health and behavior in a precise way that speaks to people of every culture over many time periods as if their were a supernatural source of information, it would be a waste of time to see what it says about the meaning of humanity. But if we were to believe it, it shouts the emphasis of our existence—and that of all realms, the human race is the only being that is no the flesh and spirit. It hints that we are the reason for all that exists physically. And our existence will transcend physical time itself. It’s an honor being a fellow human being, regardless of minor differences and details. We are connected beyond bloodlines and heritage. Anyway, differences in opinions don’t change the mathematics… There can be only one truth and the consequences surrounding it govern everyone, regardless of what we believe.

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