Tim Hayward

Tim Hayward

Professor - University of Edinburgh & Director - Just World Institute

Tim Hayward works in the fields of political philosophy and environmental ethics. At the University of Edinburgh, he is Professor of Environmental Political Theory and Director of the Just World Institute; currently, he is also the departmental Head of Politics and International Relations.

His research has focused on understanding how environmental values and ecological principles can be integrated into social and political theory. Recently, this research has extended into the international sphere, and he is currently completing a new book, Global Justice and Human Rights: An Ecological Perspective. His previous book, Constitutional Environmental Rights, was the first full-length treatment of the topic from a political theory perspective. He is also preparing a four-volume collection for Routledge entitled Human Rights and the Environment.

Contributions to Humans & Nature:

Noteworthy Links:
  • Climate Change and Ethics
    In this article in Nature, Tim Hayward explores the essential question of how we think we should live considering our changing climate.

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