Time to question human nature itself!

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Whether one sees oneself as part of or separate from “nature,” the only starting point to understand the mess we’ve made of the eco systems that govern our future survival on our only home planet, is to say that we are a corruption of nature, when nature is a system, sustainable and in balance with itself. How ever unflattering that may sound, there is no escape from the conclusion that our species, for all it’s aspirations, lacks both the primary knowledge of our natural world and is without the wisdom or value insights necessary to turn mankind off the slippery slope of his/hers own self-made hell. And while this conversation is mostly starting from a western perspective, probably because it has become so obvious that our economic systems have done the most severe eco damage, the problem is global. And any ‘solution’ must speak to the whole of humanity, whether they like it of not.  And if this is where the whole of human ‘knowledge’, ‘progress’ and history have brought us, what could possibly define with the necessary authority, the changes we must make to secure the dream of a more rational, more just, a greener and peaceful planet?
What constrains the highest of human aspirations is rarely imagined but if the catalyst with the necessary authority to realize the dream were ever revealed, who would care enough to believe with sufficient courage and conviction to act? Unfortunately the world has usually preferred the soft, the easy and more convenient ways of intellectual vanity, political correctness and spiritual confectionery, than the honesty and courage to confront human nature itself!  More at http://www.energon.org.uk

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