To Be Human – Science Is Unable to Explain It

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Being that there is no scientific evidence of what it means or is to be a Human, other than to say ‘ Homo Sapien’ or more insignificant ‘Homo Sapien Sapien’, I will attempt to define what I believe a Human is.

A Human has a mind, heart, body, brain, and soul a.k.a. belief system when they so choose. These abilities allow Humans the opportunity to and for advancement in life at their own decision making, or that of their parents until they are of age. I like to think that most people have good values, morals, manners, and are not criminals. I do give professionals and average people what they deserve in any situation that is respect and the gift of trust until they break it. Oddly, more professional humans break trust than do average or below average humans. We are able to go beyond hunting and gathering, progress in our thinking – technology in any or all fields if we choose to. We celebrate life, holidays, each other, experience an emotional connection during intimate relations. Likewise, we are most capable of screwing everything up, however, we have the capacity (Brain and Will power) to repair any damage we’ve caused. The defining factor, in my opinion, of what a human being is, is the choices they are Capable of making. What destroys the Human Race is, in fact, the choices they make.

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