Umberto Tosi

Umberto Tosi

Author, Editor

Umberto Tosi is the author of My Dog’s NameOphelia RisingMilagro on 34th Street, and Our Own KindHis short stories have been published in Catamaran Literary Reader and Chicago Quarterly Review, where he is a contributing editor.

He was contributing writer to Forbes ASAP, covering the Silicon Valley tech industry. Prior to that, he was an editor and staff writer for the Los Angeles Times and its Sunday magazine. He was also the editor of San Francisco Magazine and other regionals. He has written more than 300 articles for newspapers and magazines, online and in print. He joined Authors Electric in May 2015 and has contributed to several of its anthologies, including Another Flash in the Pen and One More Flash in the Pen. He has four grown children—Alicia Sammons, Kara Towe, Cristina Sheppard, and Zoë Tosi—and resides in Chicago, partnered with artist Eleanor Spiess-Ferris

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